Fiber Arts Classes

January/February Classes

This winter we are warming things up by offering several new classes. We thank you for your patience in waiting for classes to start this month as our teachers come up with new and exciting offerings.  We still encourage you to take private lessons for anything not offered here or if you can't attend during a scheduled class. 

Knitting Classes

Sock Technique of the Month

$25 per month + supplies

Sock Technique of the Month

Do you want to learn different ways to make socks? Maybe a different bind off or heel would help you enjoy them better. In this class, the teacher will pick a different sock technique every month. This month we will focus on learning the heel stitch and eye of partridge for extra cushioning.

Mystery Knit Scarf - Stitch a Month

$20 per month + Yarn & Pattern

Mystery Knit Scarf - Stitch a Month

Do you love to learn new stitches? Are you excited by a mystery? We have just the right class for you. Every month this year we will learn a new stitch. You have to come to the class to learn which one is next. At the end of the year, you will have a beautiful scarf to showcase all the new stitches you have mastered in 2020. The fun is only limited to the imagination.

Socks Any Way

$55 + Yarn & Pattern

Socks Any Way

For beginning or experienced sock knitters. Learn to knit socks toe-up or cuff-down. Use any of 3 knitting/needle styles: *double points *two circulars * magic loop. The class requires basic knitting skills and some experience with knitting in the round.

Gauge Swatching Unraveled Workshop

$25 + supplies

Gauge Swatching Unraveled Workshop

Do you struggle to make things fit? Do you hate to measure things? Well, unfortunately, these two things do go together. However, knowledge is power. The problem may just be a lack of knowing how the measuring should happen and how it relates to your pattern. Come on in and let's unravel the mystery of swatching together.

Finishing with Finesse

$55 + Book

Finishing with Finesse

Do you struggle to finish your work? Does seaming, buttonholes, or picking up stitches intimidate you? Have no fear, come on in and learn the basics of how to finish your project with finesse. In this class, you will learn all three techniques and how to do them well. Your projects will have that finished handmade look you desire.

Fair Isle

$36 + Yarn & Pattern

Fair Isle

Does fair isle knitting intrigue you with its ability to use different colors to make patterns and draw the eyes? No problem come on in and learn how to use two hands to create those alluring pictures and patterns. You have the option of making one of two different style hats while learning the two-handed Fair Isle knitting method.

Brioche Knitting - Steps 1 & 2

$55 + Yarn ($13 pictured)

Brioche Knitting - Steps 1 & 2

Have you seen the alluring color blend of brioche knitting but not understood what it takes to make those colors change? Let's learn together, in this class we will explore 1 and 2 color brioche knitting flat. These techniques build on each other and come together in a snug Mobius cowl. Designed by the teacher especially to teach these first two steps in mastering brioche knitting, you will have fun learning this different technique while making a lovely neckwarmer.

Learn to Knit a Cardigan

$55 + Yarn & Pattern Book($14.95)

Learn to Knit a Cardigan

Do you admire the classy look of a cardigan but haven't been brave enough to try a sweater project? Have no fear, we can teach you to make a beautiful cardigan. In this class, you make a baby cardigan(so that there is less homework). All the skills are completely transferable to any size and the workbook you purchase for the class gives you many options to continue your new journey into the world of cardigans.

Beginning Knit

$55 + Yarn & Pattern

Beginning Knit

Have you longed to knit but just haven't' learned how? Make time now! Come into the Yarn Outlet and learn, during this class, you will unravel the mystery. You will make some simple washcloths while learning the basics of knitting. Casting on, knitting, purling, fixing mistakes and binding off can all be mastered. 

Crochet Classes


$25 + $10 for supplies

Gauge Swatching Unraveled Workshop

Meets: Saturday, Jan. 25th from 10am - 12pm.

Do you struggle to makes things fit? Do you hate to measure things? Well, unfortunately these two things go together. However, knowledge is power. The problem may just be a lack of knowing how the measuring should happen and how it relates to your pattern. Come on in and let's unravel the mystery of swatching together.

$36 + Yarn(varies) & Pattern(varies)

Read a Pattern

Meets: Mondays (Jan. 20th & Feb. 3rd) or Saturdays (Jan. 25th & Feb. 8th) from 1:45pm to 3:15pm

Do you crochet or knit only flat baby blankets because you can't read a pattern? Do you copy YouTube tutorials and have to stop and back up the stream constantly? Open up a whole new world when you learn to read a pattern and make a cowl or scarf at the same time. Choose between several cowl/scarf patterns.

$55 + Yarn( $5.75 pictured) & Pattern ($5)

Beginning Crochet

Meets: Mondays (Jan. 20th, 27th, & Feb. 3rd.) or Saturdays (Jan. 25th, Feb. 1st, & 8th) from 12:00pm to 1:30pm.

Would you like to Crochet? Today is the day! If you know a stitch or two, or if you are a complete beginner this class is for you. There is nothing quite like learning how to create beautifully handmade items with a teacher. In this class you will learn all the basics including 4 stitches you will encounter most in patterns, how to read a pattern, and how to finish your work well.

Help Sessions

We are introducing a new type of class here at the Yarn Outlet. Held at the same time as the first hour of normal group times, these help sessions will allow you to drop in and receive help for only $10. Any and all questions are welcome. They will be held on the second full calendar week of every month. In February you may drop in on Tuesday, 2/11 from 10-11, Wednesday, 2/12 from 1:30-2:30, or Saturday, 2/15 from 1:30-2:30. 

Open Knit/Crochet Group

Socialize and Work on Projects

Come and join Suzi and the Yarnovers as we socialize and work on our various fiber art projects. These group times are open to anyone working with yarn; a good sense of humor is always a plus. This is not a help session as this group incudes yarnies with various levels and/or types of fiber arts experience.

Private Lessons

One-on-One Instruction for Any Knit or Crochet techniques or problems

We offer private lessons on an ongoing basis. If you have a project and are stuck, some one-on-one help could let you go on to the next part of your project with confidence. Although our customer service representatives can give good tips and offer a limited amount of help, a private lesson will help you to have more individualized instruction and is only $20 an hour. We regret that as a shop we are unable to give same day instruction, but if you leave us your name, number and a brief description of what you would like help with, we will have an instructor contact you asap.


Prerequisites for Classes

With the exception of beginning classes, any other classes at the Yarn Outlet assume you have learned the beginning skills of either knit or crochet. Please look over these skills and if you are unsure speak with an associate and we will point you in the right direction.

Knit: Cast on, knit, purl, bind off, read a pattern and join yarn

Crochet: Chain, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet

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