Buy it all or Buy in spurts?

Do you ever wonder "should I buy all the yarn I need for my project or can I come back and buy some more later?" "I'm on a budget and I'm not sure I can afford it all right now."

Tip#4: We suggest you buy all of your yarn (plus a little extra) at the start of your project if possible. "Why?" you ask.

example of dye-lot changes

1. When you buy yarn you always want to make sure you have the same dye-lot for each color you use. Dye-lots usually change if we reorder and it's likely we won't have the same yarn next time you want to buy.

2. It's very frustrating to come back and find out that the yarn company has discontinued a color or line of yarn. Here at the Yarn Outlet we often buy discontinued yarns(marked with a yellow dot on the price tag) which cannot be reordered and may only be available at this yarn store.

"What if I don't have the budget to buy it all at once?"

Our Annual Bag Sale is an amazing time to get discounted yarn for your larger projects. You can buy yarn in bags and if we don't have what you need one week, come back a little later and there will be new yarns bagged for your enjoyment. Also, here at the Yarn Outlet we will hold yarn for up to a month so you can space your spending out a little if needed. Just ask and we will do our best to help.

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